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Crane's Chicken Ranch

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I first met Janice Crane working with the Clark County Farmer's Market. When we were getting our store started, Janice contacted me to see if we would be willing to sell their eggs if she got her egg license. We were looking for local eggs to offer, and encouraged her to move forward with licensing. Their business has been growing right along with ours, and they decided it would be a good idea to have a logo and marketing materials. This was a fun project to work on, and I hope the branding materials I have created will encourage the growth of Crane's Chicken Ranch.

I created the logo above, which they use in most applications, but since there are occassionally applications where the background might not work well or printing needs to be black and white, we created the to variations below.

cranes chicken ranch logo, black and white, print logo, tara darcy deisgns, westfield, martinsville

When we first started carrying Crane's eggs at the store, they were in unique, clear cartons so you could see the beautiful brown pallette of colors. Those cartons were no longer available, and they moved to a pre-printed cardboard. While I was working on their logo, I encouraged Janice to find a clear option because seeing the eggs allows customers to know they are different from the normal eggs they buy at the store. She was able to find a clear carton that would work, and we created labels for them using the new logo.

cranes chicken ranch, non-gmo, pasture raised, local eggs, martinsville, il, label design, product labeling, tara darcy designs, westfield

I also designed a business card, letterhead, Facebook cover, and web site header so that they were presenting the same brand across all marketing channels.

cranes chicken ranch, business card, business card design, business branding, marketing, tara darcy designs, westfield, martinsville, il

Business Card

crane's chicken ranch, martinsville, leterhead, letterhead design, tara darcy designs, westfield, il


crane's chicken ranch, website header, design, tara darcy designs, marketing & branding

Website header to work with the existing template

crane's chicken ranch, facebook cover image, cover image design, tara darcy design, business branding

Facebook page cover